Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Are Getting Close!

I am not sure if there will ever come a time when you don't get "as excited" to go to Haiti.  This will be my third trip south and I am just as excited as ever.  Last night, our team made up of friends, friends of friends, neighbors, etc... joined at the Cody house for our packing party.  This trip that has kind of felt like "just an idea" really became real! The idea of joining together with this incredible group of people to serve and be served in Haiti in a week is almost overwhelming.  As all of us are experiencing varying degrees of fear, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, questioning, etc., the message last night was "no, you are not crazy".  I don't know how, but I truly believe that every single life and heart will be changed in someway through this trip.  On my first trip, I left the US thinking I was going to go change Haiti.  Little did I know that Haiti would change me and my family in unimaginable ways.  I am so grateful for everyone on this team and for the privilege to share a week in Haiti with them!
Erin, Janelle, Tony, Mandi, Alicia, Karisa, Nicklas, Sandi, Jeff, Mallory, Travis, Mike, Chad, Trent (not pictured)
Some of the kids - Pizza & Hang at the packing party
Beth & Mandi working away