Monday, December 3, 2012

Flight Home

While on the flight home, I have seen God use His power in miraculous ways. Rebekah has severe asthma and severe allergies. It was my biggest fear of this trip. She didn't get sick. No one mom or daughter got sick, except for minor things such as sweet little Sierra Imsland who had stomach aches, my migraines, and whatever else I didn't catch on to.  :(

On the long flight home, after using our hands and feet to serve our God, Jesus used a beautiful African American flight attendant to serve us in a powerful way.

There are outlets under each seat. Rebekah was having an asthma attack on the second leg of the flight home. The flight attendant and I tried multiple outlets, on multiple rows, with my iPhone, iPad, and Rebekah's nebulizer ...  no outlet could handle the voltage or something, even though others similar devices could.

Rather than us serving others, the flight attendant shined her Light, and sat next to Rebekah, talked to her about the healing only Jesus can provide, and followed up by praying over her to calm her lungs. Just thinking it through brings tears to my eyes. We came to serve, yet over and over, we are the ones who have been served.

The flight attendant asked many questions about Healing Haiti, and her love for our God shined brightly throughout the evening flight.

Rebekah is now sitting next to me, breathing calmly, without use of her inhaler or nebulizer.

What a glorious God we serve.  Thank you Jesus for Rebekah and her servant heart, and thank you for the flight attendant I will never forget, who sat down for 10 minutes mid-flight, to use her faith is Jesus to minister and pray over my daughter.

I love you God.  Mesi Jezi.

Now may I cry happy tears?
Sandy Anderson

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Visual snapshots

Grace Village and Gertrude's Orphanages: Grace Village is a visit that I just love. I adore each of the children that live there. Every time I go there I try to touch each one with a smile, a back rub, a hug. Each time I go God puts a different one in front of me that needs a little extra. It is so good to be used by God.
Sierra bonded with a few of the children but was struggling with some mild tummy troubles. She did however, connect with a young man who is able to draw beautifully. She told me that she enjoyed talking to him as he drew pictures.

Gertrude's was Sierra's favorite stop of the day. She found a baby (her true passion) and held her almost the entire time. She clung to Sierra as Sierra walked around showing her things and playing 'mama'. Watching her be a little girl and give love is a wonderful thing.

There is a boy named Maxo that I have been holding almost every time I come to Gertrude's. He is 4 years old and is blind. A volunteer told me today that he has cataract (which is common among Haitian babies because of malnourished moms). They have been trying to get him a surgery for a year but have not been able to get it to go through. Apparently it can be reversed if the surgery is done before 5 years old. She told me that currently they have a surgery scheduled for February, but in Haiti a lot can change in that much time. This makes me feel many emotions; sad that a boy may stay blind, angry at the unfairness , hopeful in that he still has some time, and determined to pray daily that God will be his advocate.

On these mission trips we get to some amazing things, hard but amazing. We come home exhausted and yet filled. Sometimes the mamas need to let loose, the mamas went outside and danced in the rain.