Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today was an Amazing, but very heavy day. We started the day by visiting Elders School. Elder, the man who started the school welcomed us with open arms. We immediately made our way to the front of the class and jumped right into singing. The children loved it and especially loved getting their hands on the instruments. However, once we left the school, we learned that the children didn't get served lunch because we were there. That made us feel terrible, but we were reassured from Elder that the singing and love we shared filled their bellies much more than food for that day since they never have that.

Our next stop was Gertrude's, which is a home for the special needs children that have been abandoned. That rocked a lot of us and for me my flood gates opened. We played with the children and Loved on them like crazy. A boy found me right away and took his shirt off handed it to me and I put it back on. He probably did that one hundred more times. It was great and he was sure a joy to be around. Another little boy in a wheel chair grabbed my attention and when we broke out the instruments and started singing, I couldn't help but get him out of that chair and hold him the rest of the time. Not to mention the girl Kristina who climbed all over everyone, especially Mike while he was drumming. She definitely lovedwhat was happening.  


The last stop of the day was a place I know only God could give us the strength to get through. There was no way to really prepare ourselves for the General Hospital. We visited three buildings with sick and dying children. The first one we walked into my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. It wasn't long before Jeff and I tried figuring out who this one little girl belonged to. She was sitting up, but was the size of a one month old baby. The Haitian lady standing nearby tried telling us to not hold her because she had a very soiled diaper and no momma and has been abandoned. Jeff then figured out it was ok to pick her up, her little hand clung right to Jeff right away and because she had no momma, I then knew I had to hold her when he was done. He handed her over to me and right then we started singing the song "10,000 Reasons", we got to the third verse where the lyrics say "and on that day when my strength is failing, the end draws near and my time has come, still my soul will sing your praise unending"..... and that's where I lost it. I held on to her even more as if she was my own. As she was cradled in my arms, I looked up and saw Nicole and Jeff sitting on a bed with Raphael and he too was abandoned. He is thirteen, he stopped eating and his strength was failing. No words can really  be said on the power of that moment. When it was time to go, I walked back to the crib to lay her down on a terrible crib mattress. I walked into the hall, looked at her one more time through the open window and saw her holding onto the crib railing. She had nothing to hold onto, not even a stuffed animal. A piece of my heart was left in that crib, but today I got to be her momma and I named her ANGEL. We are all God's children and that is HOPE that we can walk away with at the end of a hard day.


  1. Thanks for posting. Wish I was there with you. Praying for you all...Hi to Rachel H.

  2. Rachel...Give Isaac J at Grace Village a BIG HUG from Judy. We sponsor him...he is so sweet. Take your picture with him for me!!